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You have such a gift for listening, affirming, and then gently nudging in the directions we need to go.
- P. M.

Thanks for sharing this piece of our journey with us. We are enriched by the experience and will continue to grow together as we seek to know and follow God's call in the world today . . . The knowledge and experience you graciously shared will continually prompt us to work for our common purposes.
- T. P.

Thank you for your delivery of fresh air. I know the Spirit of our Lord will use it well… I assure you I am on fire about taking up your challenge. In fact the Spirit is now driving it.
- J. M.

What a gift you are to us!
- M.T.

Each reading of your summary of our discussions gives more insight and understanding, and provokes more thoughtful consideration of our programs for the coming year and beyond. Thank you for spending this time with us, and for the light you've shined on our needs to vision for the parish, form strategies and goals, and discern our paths forward."
- J. G.

Jim Gettel

Jim is a committed, sincere Christian who has a deep interest in spirituality and his journey with God. His potential to serve the church as a lay person trained in congregational development together with his other skills and credentials is enormous.
- The Right Reverend Roger J. White

I can think of only a few persons who have his academic and secular vocation coupled with his deep spirituality and love of his Lord… he exemplifies a truly Christian person. He is a hard worker and sets goals and accomplishes them.
- The Reverend Robert Evans

For the past 7 years, Jim has been the consultant to our leadership team. He is knowledgeable, connects with ease and is a gifted cheerleader. He is flexible and creative and helps others find the courage to live more fully into their baptismal promises as individuals and as congregational leaders.
- The Reverend Joanne Skidmore

Jim's sense of mission and vision led Our Next Generation, Inc. from good to great. His quiet and firm personality helped me set high expectations. His accountability also helped us meet or exceed those expectations. I truly enjoyed his leadership style, thrived with his direction and the organization can take great pride in its work because of Jim's excellent leadership.
- Maggie Broeren , Executive Director

God's Love, Human Freedom and Christian Faith

[In Part1,] the author writes on the spiritual experience, nature of Christ, human freedom, vocation and action… to build his case for how God's love, human freedom and Christian faith interact to bring us into awareness of the realm of God in our lives. His personal mystical experiences of Christ encourage readers to recognize and validate their own experiences in the face of a skeptical world. Part 2 is a practical guide to taking the spiritual journey and developing one's faith, with helpful chapters on the basics needed to open oneself to God's call. The book contains questions for discussion of each chapter, making it useful for study groups or individual reflection.
- The Living Church

We can stimulate discovery of meaning by mutually sharing stories of our spiritual experience… But beyond mere theistic confession lies a journey of transformation and self-discovery through confrontation with the God of Christian faith understood as unconditional love… A change of heart - transformation from inside out - can open us to a continual process of living in the presence of God. The process of alienation - distraction from the ever-present God - can be reversed by a process of conversion, initiated by forgiveness. Prayer reorients our living with others in terms of God's perspective. We can be drawn through the ethical stages of situational spontaneity and the absolutism of universal rules to loving relationship. The end of the book contains questions for reflection and discussion that will be useful for adult church discussions.
- Encounter

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